Welcome to Unipod

Unipod® is a progressive waffle pod supply company dedicated to working with its clients to deliver high quality, reliable products and a total cost effective solution for their construction projects. 

Lay foundations for a stronger bottom line. 

Through our winning formula: Stronger, Smarter and More Responsive, Unipod ensures that customers reap the multiple benefits of the Unipod product, to help make construction jobs run smoothly, headache-free and to be a lot more profitable. Unipod customers can expect:

  • Minimised local construction costs. 
  • Reduced labour costs. 
  • Reduced OHS risk with stronger pods. 
  • Fast removal of waste from site. 
  • Reduced tipping fee costs.
  • Flexible delivery times. 
  • Delivery to metro and regional. 
  • Increased labour uptime. 
  • Increased throughput.

Unipod is simply the smarter choice when it comes to waffle pod supply. 


Unipods provide the most innovative and effective slab construction method on the market and are a stronger, more reliable and cost efficient way to build concrete slabs for all residential and commercial construction. The unique brick pattern of the Unipod has been designed for superior strength in foundations, more efficient construction and insulation, and for a more sustainable solution to concrete slabs.

Stronger and safer.

Waffle pod strength is critical for the structural integrity of concrete slabs and Unipod has a strict Quality Control program to always assure pod strength and height. Independent testing has confirmed that Unipods are close to 20% stronger than other pods in the market, making Unipod one of the safest options for waffle pod slab construction.

Unipod is a proud member of the Waffle Pod Manufacturers of Australia.